Total Mileage Report Jan-June 2017

Total Mileage Report Jan-June 2017

As the half way mark of the year has come and gone, it’s time to report total mileage: 137.79 miles.  I’d like to see that number be higher, but I didn’t run at all the month of March due to knee pain, wedding, and mini moon.  Can’t wait to see the total miles at the end of the year!

Monthly breakdown:
Jan: 27.02
Feb: 19.67
Mar: 0
Apr: 18.16
May: 30.48
Jun: 42.46

Dopey Training officially started the last week of June.  I attempted to run Tues and Thurs and was rained out, and Saturday I was out of town visiting with friends for the holiday.  On the 4th I ran a 5k and I’m be back on track.  Let’s hope that the rain can hold off!


Racking in the Miles

Racking in the Miles

I know that a lot of runners set mileage goals for the year.  I’ve never considered this until recently.  With the upcoming “official” Dopey training schedule, the miles are going to add up quickly.  With every run that I complete, I add a little sticker in my planner.  Hooray Etsy!


To date (May 30th) I’ve logged 92.9 miles.  I know this isn’t much considering we’re approaching the halfway mark of the year.  However, with bragging rights in tow, I informed my dad of the miles this year.  He’s sitting at 154.4.  (heavy sigh)  Guess I need to up my game!

Do you set mileage goals?  Feel free to comment!

Princes Half 2018

Princes Half 2018

This past February I participated in my first Disney challenge, as well as my first half marathon–Disney’s Glass Slipper challenge.  This Disney challenges is a 10k, followed by a half the following morning.  That’s 19.3 miles.  With Dopey  happening a month before Princess Weekend, I sadly accepted that I would not be able to run 48.6 miles, followed by another X miles the following month.  Emotionally–It. Really. Hurt.

I kept looking at Instagram of everyone signing up.  The “freebie” sign up for previous race weekend runners was closed–which guaranteed you a place.  The passholder sign up was closed.  And it’s been a good amount of time since it opened to the general public.  Everything, but the half is sold out.  I began looking on Instagram for any clues as to which princess it would be.  Not to mention, it’s the 10th anniversary of the half, and the 5th of the challenge (again…sold out).  After seeing tiny glimpses of crowns and roses, it appears to be Aurora, who is my all time favorite princess.  I’ve already missed out on the challenge, and that cool 5th anniversary medal.  I couldn’t miss out on celebrating Aurora, and a 10th anniversary medal.  So I made the rational, or irrational, decision to sign up for the half.  THAT’S RIGHT!  ANOTHER PRINCESS HALF MARATHON.

Since all of my favorite races are discontinued, Princess Weekend is now my favorite race weekend.  So many women out on the course, of all heights and sizes.  It’s so great to be with women, sharing the same experiences, through a race geared towards us.  Everyone is so encouraging of one another.  People don’t bark at you to get out of the way, as girls job by there’s GOOD music blasting from ear buds, everyone politely apologizes when you bump into one another.  There’s laughter, there are tears.  And everyone is experiencing the same joy.

As excited (and terrified) as I am for Dopey, I’m pretty darn stoked for princess.  Can’t wait to see who the princess is when they officially announce it!

My Glass Slipper Challenge Medals from 2017: 10k, Half, Challenge