Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World
5145 Harvey Tew Rd, Plant City, FL 33565

Growing up going to Disney, we’ve passed Dinosaur World for years.  I’ll be the first one to admit that I think it’s the cheesiest thing ever.  And not once have I had any desire to visit.  Coworkers have told me how much they’ve enjoyed it, but you still couldn’t convince me.  I even saw a blog once where someone took their cute lil Pomeranian (it’s pet friendly) and I still wasn’t convinced.  It wasn’t until a week full of monsooning rain that I decided, “Hey, want to check out Dinosaur World?”  My husband was all in.

As our luck would have it, we arrived on an overcast, slightly drizzly afternoon, which is probably THE best way to experience Dino World.  However, if you arrive on a hot sunny day, you’ll probably be alright since the landscaping is very lush.

This outdoor theme park offers about 150 fiberglass dinosaurs of all sizes and colors, in both the land and water variety.  It also features a small museum with dinosaur bones, a guided tour (which we sadly missed), a small hut with information about Florida and dinosaurs in the area, picnic tables, and a playground for kids.

I must say, just driving through the entrance gates had me pretty excited.



The moment you step out of the gift shop, you’re greeted with dinos.  HUGE ones.  As you progress into the park, the trees, and the bridge walkway guide you through all of the dinosaurs on display.  There’s a section for Wooly Mammoths off to the side that we almost missed, so be sure to consult the guide map.

At one point, we entered a bridged walkway where every dinosaur on display seemed to be getting eaten by another.  Disclaimer: some of it is pretty graphic.  Now, I understand that this happened in real life, but there are 6-7 different scenes of blood and gore.  And when I say gore, I mean missing eyes, blood, claw marks.  It might be graphic to small children.  Heck, it was graphic to a grown adult.  My husband said there is a warning as you enter that path—I completely missed it.

Aside from the graphic material, the place is pretty cool.  I loved the natural Florida landscape.  I loved all the fact boards placed in front of each dino.  I really loved the Florida informational hut.  All in all I was pleasantly surprised at how fun it was.  Fun enough to want to go back.


We spent about an hour and half looking at the dinosaurs and about a half hour in the gift shop, which is massive.

Dinosaur World is located in Plant City and is just a quick drive where you’re coming from Tampa or Orlando.