Florida Southern College

Florida Southern College

Florida Southern College
111 Lake Hollingsworth Dr,
Lakeland, FL 33801

If you live in Florida, you know that it has become Seattle of the East.  It has been raining for weeks now.  Not that we’re complaining; the grass definitely needs it.  Long story short, a Saturday afternoon trip to Disney, to hotel hop, turned into another deluge with flooded roads and an accident ridden interstate.  We decided to drive back roads, for the fun of it, until my husband saw a sign for Florida Southern College.

It’s a nice place to stop for the afternoon.  The architecture is pretty cool, but at the same time a bit creepy.  Maybe it’s because the roofs are so low?  Maybe it’s the colors of some of the buildings, or all the pipes used, or maybe because it was overcast.  It’s a very pretty campus, but definitely gave off a vibe.

On the non-creepy side, this campus has cats!!!  We just happened to walk past a dorm and heard a faint meow and out pops this beautiful, friendly, black cat.  Thankfully, via Instagram, we found that these cats are all vaccinated, fixed, and well fed.  =^.^=

Frank Lloyd Wright fountain outside the gift shop
Water Dome
Roof Architecture
Inside the Chapel
Outside the Chapel
What a View!
Meditation Garden
Flowers next to the Greenhouse


Baby Gator at the Nature Preserve
Small Chapel



Showcase of Citrus

Showcase of Citrus

Showcase of Citrus
5010 US-27, Clermont, FL 34714

If you love Florida, oranges, local market selections, and farm animals this is the place!

Showcase of Citrus offers a variety of honey, BBQ sauce, beer, wine, and even their own wine label.  Located right off US-27, you can’t miss it!

This working citrus grove has swamp buggy tours that leave several times a day and just sit an hour. It takes you through the property and features all sorts of views of the groves, wildlife, exotics animals, and cattle.

In the market, not only can you buy his for your kitchen, adult smoothies, citrus slushes, and creamsicles, you can also purchase boiled peanuts, and chicken/animal feed. They have a farm on property with chickens, rosters, am emu, a donkey, and apparently a kangaroo ) didn’t see it though).

I highly recommend going one afternoon if you’re on the area, it’s definitely worth a stop!