Quick Update, Not Much to Report

Quick Update, Not Much to Report

Hey Readers,

Just wanted to provide you with a quick update.

We’ve been super busy with furnishing our new home.  We recently received our new king sized bed frame, from Pottery Barn, which is amazing!  The cats love having the old queen all to themselves in the guest room 🙂  The guest room is next on the list once we finish the master.  We’ve also been purchasing odds and ends at IKEA.  We really enjoy building the furniture.  New nightstands and a new dresser are on the list for the master.  We also want to find some pretty paper to frame and put over the bed.

The foyer and formal dining are finished and look good, thanks to the help from IKEA and Pier 1.  We still need to furnish the formal living room.  Ethen Allen will probably be on our list of to-do.

We’ve also been super busy with running.  The Galloway Dopey Challenge schedule is beginning to pick up in mileage, and beginning in September we’ll be adding an additional day to the schedule throughout the remainder of training.  Running four times a week plus skating; oye!  As the miles take a serious uptick, I’ll be blogging out my experiences.  Aside for some consistent rain here, I’ve stuck to the plan religiously.

Finding time for fun “roadside” attractions has been hard.  We do plan to take a day soon to just relax and leave responsibilities on the back burner for the afternoon.  If you have any suggestions, let us know!


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